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Revolve Access specializes in strategic consulting for Federal, and select commercial, integrated delivery networks (IDN) and hospital systems. We help our clients navigate complex challenges and achieve their goals through innovative market events.


Our team has extensive experience in healthcare and government industries, and we are committed to delivering impactful outcomes. Our approach is tailored to the specific needs of each brand and we partner closely with commercial leadership, government affairs and sales to implement our work.   


  • Health system market access strategies are critical to therapy launch success, but traditional approaches that apply across the general commercial landscape lack nuance required for successful high-control IDN coverage, especially in Federal markets.

  • In order to properly deliver on the brand ambition, a segment-specific and product type value proposition should be considered.


  • We have found that access activities behind successful IDN launches are based on a value proposition geared toward the target IDN, specific to product type and IDN market characteristics.


  • Our strategic imperatives are geared around each clients own unique goals and objectives for the segment - and often combine a cross-function collaboration between commercial leadership, account management, government affairs, sales and payer marketing.

  • Disease state awareness campaign design


  • Market entry roadmaps​


  • Strategic & tactical brand plans


  • Federal channel design & optimization


  • Formal / informal market research 


  • Innovative pilot and partnership design


  • Gap assessments and market confirmation workshops


  • Competitive differentiation strategies and mature brands contracting strategy

  • Academic affiliate mapping

  • Therapeutic class review preparation

  • Federal-specific marketing kits & walking decks


  • Account engagement playbooks


  • Prior Authorization & Criteria for Use Strategies


  • “Rules of Engagement” for Federal Promotion


  • XUS market entry (Top 8 EUs)



IDN Focused





  • We believe in fostering strong, collaborative relationships between pharmaceutical manufacturers and the IDN community.

  • ​​By leveraging the trust we've established in the market and facilitating open communication and mutual understanding - we create opportunity that drives innovation and sustainable partnerships.​

  • As a team comprised of experts who have served as decision makers within the VA and DoD, we are uniquely connected to KOLs and key decision makers. We offer unfettered access to current medical and pharmaceutical directors, and routinely facilitate local, regional and HQ-level engagement.

  • Accelerated access to decision makers


  • Full Federal account engagement (VA, DoD, IHS, FBoP, 340B, CMS, BARDA, DARPA and others)


  • Select commercial IDN / GPO engagement​​


  • Wholesaler and specialty pharmacy negotiation support

  • Negotiate access exceptions with the Federal government


  • Research program partnership coordination and facilitation


  • Formulary bid preparation and submission

  • Prompt clinical guideline creation / admendments


  • Academic affiliate engagement 




Detailed playbook delivered via an interactive workshop to explain the process, steps, and pitfalls. Provided with detailed resources and instructions supporting long-term independent success.


Partner with your in-house experts to provide guidance and support that enable them to independently execute a plan forward with the protection of a warm handoff. 


We become an integral part of your company’s team. Through regular briefings, you remain fully informed and control as we diligently execute your vision.

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