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Everything Revolves Around Access

Revolve Access is a consulting firm specializing in health system market entry and growth strategies. We help emerging and established biopharmaceutical and device manufacturers make confident business decisions and establish strategic initiatives with IDNs in the commercial and federal segments.


Our Features


We believe that all patients should have access to personized medicine. We help facilitate this by developing and implementing strategies that establish a balance between patient access and business feasibility. By bringing together disparate aspects of market access, we create a unified cross-segment approach. Those who are most successful in niche markets have developed capabilities, systems and processes that differ from their approach in the broader commercial payer market.  


  • Revolve is a member managed collective formed in 2009 comprised of former commercial and federal decision makers, pharmaceutical executives and hypothesis-driven strategists


  • Exclusive focus on life sciences, supporting crucial business decisions at all stages of the product and franchise life cycle


  • Launched, re-positioned and promoted therapies for a wide-range of industry partners, with a special focus on specialty and rare disease


  • Experts in providing predictive analytics, contract scenario modeling, and negotiation strategy unique to federal and commercial IDN controls and limitations


  • Clients include top global biopharmaceutical companies, as well as leading medical device companies, diagnostic companies, VC and PE

Our Approach

In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, successful market access for pharmaceutical products within Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) demands a strategic approach that aligns innovation with patient care, financial efficacy, and operational excellence. Revolve's comprehensive market access solutions are tailored to optimize partnerships between pharmaceutical manufacturers and IDNs, fostering a seamless integration of cutting-edge therapies into patient-centric healthcare ecosystems.


Regardless of service offering, our general blueprint is the same - we ensure an informed and creative approach that is tested, vetted and constantly measure.  The four (4) steps below highlight our general framework.

Folder Organization Process Infographic_

Assessment, Exploration & Opportunity Context

We start with a fully informed approach. This includes informal market research, analogs, IDN-specific coverage context, market sizing and predictive ROI.

Framework &

Market Research

Landscape assessments are backed by examples of success and failure and assumptions are tested with our network of current and former decision makers.

Strategic/Tactical Plan & KPI Development

Recommendations are actionable and measurable. We often help our clients bring federal strategies to life via our accelerated access to points of entry. 

Implementation & Adjustment

Our team defines not only what's possible but weights operational feasibility. Tactical recommendations are supported by direct and indirect ROI. 

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