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Federal Market Roadmaps: A Critical Tool for Success

Roadmaps are often thought of as unnecessary in our modern world. Technology creates an expectation of instant answers and an impatience for taking the time to absorb the full picture. This is a mistake. Manufacturers need a roadmap to the Federal Market tailored to each of its products to understand the interconnectivity of its decisions on product utilization.

A Federal Market Roadmap provides a clear and concise overview of major milestones. It allows the manufacturer’s team to visually understand the process as well as to enhance communication to other internal stakeholders concerning the Federal Market. Not only does the full picture approach ensure proper resource planning and allocation, but it provides core alignment on a common set of goals and priorities.

At each major milestone, there are a series of decisions that a manufacturer must make. While some decisions are straightforward and obvious, many are subtle and have meaningful consequences. Active engagement at each inflection point is the best approach to ensure each decision feeds the product utilization goals for this market segment.

One example is the milestone in which a manufacturer considers how a Federal Ordering Activity will obtain the product. One of several decisions within that milestone is the product distribution model selected by the manufacturer. The Federal Market, like any major IDN, can accommodate a less traditional distribution model; however, utilization can be impacted and a manufacturer should understand that impact prior to implementation. Without a fully formed Federal Market Roadmap in which each of the common distribution models are discussed with the burdens on a Federal Ordering Activity annotated, a manufacturer may inadvertently select its product’s distribution path without full consideration of the additional forms needed, steps required, and potential delivery delays. A manufacturer must ensure its distribution model will not reduce its product utilization and that all known obstacles have a planned resolution.

Federal Market Roadmaps raise awareness of important issues and highlight unique opportunities available to a manufacturer. Allowing space for organic consideration of all possibilities is the cornerstone for success and best serves a manufacturer when completed prior to the development of a full Federal Market Strategy.


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